Monday, 14 April 2014

#SuperGorgeousApril Weekly Round Up No.2

We're almost half done with #SuperGorgeousApril, by @SuperGorgeous  on Instagram! I've spent most of this week super behind with my piccies, so next week I promise to make a better effort. Dispersed with pictures of my new arrival, Dash! ... Actually, probably dominated by pictures of my new little baby.

Photo-A-Day Themes - April
8 : Spots / Dots
This is my funky bright coloured leopard spot jumper. It's really warm. I don't have much spotty or polka dotted stuff around. In fact, I couldn't find anything!

9 : Bright Lips
A small selection of my fave colourful lip products. I absolutely adore Melt and Lime Crime lipsticks, but the packaging on the Carousel gloss is insanely beautiful.

10 : Inspired by an Instagrammer 
Instagrammer, blogger and make-up master @ToriBiohazard of BiohazardousBeauty. She's very funny and incredibly talented. I love every look she makes. I live in envy of her winged liner.

11 : Pink
Fall Out Boy. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me vinyl. Need.

12 : A Place in Your House
This is my cool corner. That has a buildable Tetris lamp in it.

13 : Recent Purchase
I've been good on my spending ban! This was a little luxury. A new notebook for blog planning on the go! Fits in my handbag for journeys or work breaks.

14 : Nails of the Day
Today's nails are brought to you by Models Own and Butter London.
Are you taking part in #SuperGorgeousApril? Leave a comment below with your instagram url or clicky the Instagram logo and give me a follow.

Onward to week three!

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