Thursday, 8 May 2014

Returning to blogging;

So i've been missing in action these last few weeks. I have not abandoned my blog, but i've been working through the grief process after an absolutely heartbreaking few days for my family. Some of you may have seen the post before I removed it, or seen mentions on twitter and Instagram... But we brought a new member of the family home. An English Spot rabbit, named Dash.

Isn't he the most precious little baby you have ever laid your eyes on?
Me too.

Although I really support adoption, I never expected to find this little guy for sale at a reputable looking store, that sold pet supplies and animals. We had only gone to the necessary supplies we needed to welcome a new addition into our home, and then this little guy hopped into our hearts.

Unfortunately Dash was a very poorly little bunny and passed away after a short time at home. In that time he received so much love and was a happy little bunny. He had toys, hay, and anything a little bunny could have ever wanted. We've since heard from many animal people, vets, people who have kept bunnies for years. They all say the same thing. There was nothing I could have done, and I did all I could. I don't think that is ever going to help.

After the dust had settled, we brought home another little bunny. This time a little lady named Remy.
We think she's an English Spot cross. She likes running around, playing in her bunny castle, cauliflower leaves, peppermint hay and cuddles.

So, now everything has settled... Remy is happy and healthy and we're litter training her and bunnyproofing my bedroom so that she can spend most of her time out of the cage and wandering around as and where she wants. Once that's all in place the cage will be just her base, where her food, water, bed and litter tray is kept! Then i'll have my little buddy wandering around with me all day! (Apart from when we both go outside to enjoy the sunshine and grassy garden.)

So now I have a great new camera and a bunch of cool stuff for my birthday, I will soon be returning to blogging. Keep your eyes out for more Remy! :)

& Remy

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