Friday, 11 July 2014

Sun, Sea and Sand : July Birchbox

When the first spoilers came out for July's Birchbox, I was not excited in the slightest... Most of what I was seeing was the same in every box, with little appeal for me personally. (Although I did have a bit of a mischievous giggle that i'd encouraged my friend to join up and she's just got back from holiday to a box of travel goodies... I'm the worst...)

Besides, last months box was so good... Can they top it this month?

Let's have a look...
July's theme in the spirit of all things summery is Sun, Sea & Sand.

I love the design of the tips sheet. It's so cute, and woohoo! My first regular Birchbox bag is my favourite colour! How did you know Birchbox? I should probably mention that I really like Birchbox's overall design too. The cute little bags and the adorable compact boxes they arrive in.

So here's what was inside my Birchbox this month! I spy Models Own and Benefit. Score! I love these brands, so I am 100% a happy bunny to see these items in my box.

Let's start with the super glittery product! Always happy to have a new bottle of Models Own for my collection. I have the entire Wonderland collection to fill my glittery needs, and this will go lovely with Northern Lights. It always lasts a long time on the nails, so I have high hopes for this.
Models Own Nail Polish - Magenta Divine RRP: £5.00

I've been spotting really positive reviews for Balance Me popping up over peoples blogs recently, and I think there is something from the Balance Me range free with one of this months beauty magazines. I suffer from major dark circles through my habit of staying up late talking to Remy and watching Chicago Fire, even if I have an early start the next day. So it's nice to have another eye cream to try to combat those perky dark spots with. Thumbs up for this arriving!
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 15ml - RRP: £20.00 (Sample 7ml)

I'm not really a fan of lavender scented things usually, but I do like the packaging for this as it is quite simple and cute. I'll be popping this into my stash of body butters. This one is a nice size for travelling too.
Whish Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter 150ml - RRP: £14.50 (Sample 22ml)

I've always loved Benefit's packaging and product names, and recently i've picked up some minis of their skincare and make up, so a sample of The Porefessional was a very welcome surprise in my box. Never going to say no to a nice new primer.
Benefit The Porefessional Primer - RRP: £24.50 (Sample 7.5ml)

At first, I was a little meh about this colour when I saw it in person. It wasn't until I tried it on and wow! It's a great lip colour that suits my pale tone rather well. (And I may or may not have forgotten to take it off before sleeping... And it was still there when I woke up. That is some staying power!) It has a surprisingly nice minty scent, and makes my lips tingle. All in all, I really like this.
Laqa & Co. Lip Lube in Menatour 3.7g - RRP: £14.00 (Sample 2g?)

This months lifestyle extra was this Filoso Fille nail file. I was kind of hoping for the breath spray to put in my travel kit because I thought it'd be good for long haul flights. I found this on Birchbox France for 5.90euro. Which according to google is about £4.69.

Look look! Just keep swimming! With my new Finding Nemo pj's! Both parcels arrived on the same day too. What a coinkydink!

One thing I wish Birchbox would give us, maybe in the form of a blog post is a tutorial on how to make the origami shapes on the tipsheet, because they are so adorable. I would make this little guy in a heart beat. Probably an army of them, actually.

Do you have a Birchbox subscription? What goodies did you get this month?

But if you don't have a subscription and fancy one, clicking here to sign up will earn you (and me) a bonus 50 points, which is worth a whopping £5.00 to spend in the Birchbox shop on a huge range of brands. I've just used up 100 points towards a Benefit skincare gift set. (Which is now in my paws mwuahahahahahaa,) Not only that! But by using the promo code BENEFITX2 at the checkout, you'll receive deluxe minis of the Benefit They're Real mascara and brand new Push Up Liner.*

Despite the fact that I really... Really don't like surprises...
I'm looking forward to next month! Especially as this months box gave us a little teaser that these lovely bags will be in with next months boxes!

Maybe next months theme will be alone the lines of sweet summer treats? :O

*Benefit duo sent separately to your box. :)

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