Thursday, 10 July 2014

#SuperGorgeousJuly - Weekly Round Up No.1

 A new month arrived and it's time for me to give another photo challenge ago! I'm sticking with @SuperGorgeous's challenges from Instagram as I love the way they're set out and each day is interesting. Although, this month started out very much like last month and I fell a little behind. Whoops! I'm back up to speed now though, and maybe next week i'll post them all on time!
So here we go! This is week one of #SuperGorgeousJuly!

Photo-A-Day Themes - July
1 : June Favourites
June was a good make up month for me. I discovered somethings that have made my life a lot easier in the make up and beauty department, and you can check out the full post on my June Favourites by clicking [ here ].

2 : 5 Minute Face
The 'Standard' Face. Eyeliner and we're off. This face in particular features Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Pencils in Black Market and Desperation. I like to use two eyeliners when I feel a bit fancy, but am still ultimately too late or lazy for anything else.

3 : Outside
We have friendly ducks where I work that ask for treats. We put out fresh water for them to have a drink while they dine. There is one duck in particular I absolutely adore, who has this little excited duck face he gives if you're about to feed him. He also takes offerings right from my hand! :)

4 : Red, White and/or Blue
Strawberry and Vanilla Sprite Zero at Five Guys...
I don't think I need to say much else there...
(Ps, Happy Fourth of July!)

5 : What I Wore
I love this Iron Fist muscle tank, and my current go to perfume of Illamasqua. I was out and about at a free festival for Day Five and this was the perfect top, teamed with jeans, converse and a black jacket. Luckily the rain stayed away, but it did get a bit nippy as the evening wore on.

6 : Glow
New converse are so clean they practically glow.

7 : Inspired By
If i'm feeling a bit down and uninspired, music usually helps.
My go-to inspiration is the Fall Out Boy back catalogue...

Are you taking part in July's picture a day challenge? Check out the #supergorgeousblog tag and join in! Leave a comment below with your instagram url or clicky the Instagram logo and give me a follow.

Onward to week two!

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