Tuesday, 8 July 2014


I had hoped to get this post up last week, but by the time I had chance to get to photo taking, i'd lost all the good light! Yep, i'm a total scatterbrain, but I now present to you my June Favourites! The things i've been using this month that have been making me all sorts of happy. So... Without further adieu...

On with the show!

Urban Decay. Urban Decay. Urban Decay!
24/7 Glide on Eyeliner Pencils, Naked 3 Palette, Electric Palette.
I'm actually really glad I caved and bought a neutral palette, despite neutral not being my thing at all. The shadows are soft, and I like to combine it with shades from the Electric palette to make it a little edgier, and to use the Naked 3 to soften up Electric. The eyeliner pencils are so soft but with the best staying power of any eyeliner i've ever used.

Topshop Tweezers
I've had a love hate relationship with my brows for quite a while, but I realised recently that i'm beginning to like the way they are, and maintaining them is easy. These tweezers from Topshop have a good grip, do the job and look nice. I also lose tweezers like nobodies business, but these stand out and I haven't lost them yet!

Bath and Body Works - Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer
I picked this up off eBay for £2 in the scent Wildberry Chicago. I was expecting it to be bigger for some reason so i've been trying to use it sparingly. The scent is lovely and it lingers on the hand for quite a while too. This doesn't leave my bag, and is beginning to look a little battered now. I'm probably going to stock up on them soon... It was an absolute saviour when I found myself at an outdoor festival last week with no way to wash my hands.

I got my first Birchbox this month after seeing the spoilers and I loved it. The samples, the box, the bag and the overall presentation was really somethin' this month. However now i'm waiting for my second box to ship and it's driving me crazy... I have an irrational hatred of surprises... I want to know what is in my July box already! :p

Real Techniques Starter Kit Brushes
I don't think there is anything I really need to say here. I needed some good brushes. Bought the Real Techniques Starter set... Is never going back. These brushes are so soft, have a nice barrel to hold, and do a really good job.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
Although I only got this towards the end of the month, I really love the way it makes my lashes look. It smells a little strange, but once it's on I can't tell. So I don't mind! I got this in my Sephora Haul, in the LashStash set and it's currently the top contender for repurchase...

Now July has begun, and payday has been... More goodies are on their way to me! Wonder what my favourites for next month will be!

What were your favourite products in June?

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