Friday, 3 October 2014

[Let's Watch] Mean Girls

It's October third*...

Let's Watch

My news feed has been full of Mean Girls references today, so what better day to sit down and watch what is probably the most quotable movie of all time?
*It was when I started typing, I swear.

The Plot;
Cady Heron (Lohan) was home schooled in Africa, but doesn't quite adjust to American high school life when her parents move her to Illinois. She struggles to fit in but eventually makes friends with a few fellow outcasts. When she's invited into the popular group, Cady and her friends decide to mess with the Plastics. Things start to get a bit trickier when Cady discovers cute boys, the Burn Book and slowly but surely becomes a 'mean girl' herself.

The Characters;
I think Mean Girls covers or at least glosses over every single type of person you'd expect to see in a stereotypical school based teen movie. 'The Plastics' and 'The Queen Bee' also known as the popular girls, and their leader. The jocks, the mathletes, and a whole bunch of other high school subcultures.  The main characters Mean Girls focuses on, are Cady and her friends, and the Plastics.

The Design;
The set is pretty much what you'd expect of an American high school, with those chair desk thingimibobs and all kinds of bright posters and displays along the halls and in the classrooms.
The plastics are the fashionable girls, and on Wednesdays they wear pink. The rest of the cast and extras rock up to class in pretty much what you'd expect the average high-schooler to wear.
The Soundtrack;
The Mean Girls soundtrack teams musical heavyweights like Blondie and Pharrel with iconic songs like Jingle Bell Rock and Kelis' Milkshake. It's a bit of a musical blast from the past 10 years on, but still good. Oh so very good.

To Conclude;
Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!
See? Quotable. On the surface, Mean Girls may look like every other teen high-school flick, but it actually addresses some real issues from the 'Girl World', the importance of good friends, and growing up. Plus, Tina Fey wrote the screenplay.

Did you watch Mean Girls? What's your favourite quote from the movie?
Can we try and make 'Fetch' happen now or...?

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