Monday, 20 October 2014

My Top 10 Favourite Beauty Products [Tag]

I love doing tags, so when I saw this one on BeansBeautyBlog I thought it would be fun! I had hoped to post this yesterday but I couldn't find good light anywhere! Curse this weather, hey!? 

1. Foundation
I rarely wear foundation, but over summer I picked up the Urban Decay Foundation to help even out my skin as I was having a bit of an issue with redness and I knew these came in a really wide range of shades. I need 0.5 as i'm really pale!

2. Concealer
Despite the fact that I don't really like putting my fingers in products, I really like Phwoarr Paint. It does a pretty good job on my dark circles. I really should start sleeping a little more, but Phwoarr Paint has my back for the days I have super late nights.

3.  Powder
Errrr NYX Matte Setting Spray kinda does the same job, right? I need my friend to take me on a shopping trip to up my base game. It's a good size bottle so I figure it'll probably last ages.

4.  Blush
Benefit Dandelion. I only have a teeny little mini one of these, but the colour is very soft and gentle.

5.  Bronzer
I do not do bronzer, not even for that 'sunkissed glow'. I had a tan once, and I looked seriously ill. Well, I was pretty ill at the time, maybe that didn't help... So instead I picked my favourite primer. It does the job. But really, I just like the name and the fact it's vegan...

6.  Highlighter
I have no idea. I think I have a few in different forms but i'm kind of intimidated by them. I do very little in terms of base. I think the most i've ever really put on by myself is primer. I can't live without eyeliner though, so i'll show you my favourite of those. Kat Von D Tattoo liner. This is literally the only one i've ever managed to use, and not make a mess with. So I love it.

7.  Mascara
bareMinerals Lash Domination mascara is the best i've ever used. Even if it is a total git to photograph.

8. Eyeshadow
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako! If I was only allowed one eyeshadow ever, it would be Tako. I like adding a little to the inner corners and waterline because black eyeliner sometimes makes my eyes look a bit small, and this counteracts it perfectly.

9. Eyebrow
Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift in Grace K. I like this as it's a really soft pencil, I think I mentioned before that I like it as it is nice and gentle on my brow scar and adds just the right amount of definition for my liking.

10. Lip product
Oh don't do this to me. Lip products are my absolute favourite thing ever when it comes to beauty items. But, I think my absolute favourite must be Space Cake by Melt Cosmetics. I fell in love with this when it arrived. It's such a unique colour, really nice formula and I haven't seen anything quite like it anywhere else.

So that's the lot! My ten favourite things in the world of beauty.

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  1. Great post - I love reading about other people's favourite items! I did a post similar to this here if you fancy reading it -

    emily x ♥ | emily's beauty blog

    1. Thanks Emily!
      I really enjoyed your post too. I love your review of the Benefit Sweet Tintations set. Definitely swayed me into buying it too!

      Ray xo