Wednesday, 15 October 2014

[Let's Watch] Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is back for it's 10th season this month! I can't wait for it to air here in the UK. The teasers are driving me crazy! So to prepare for the glorious moment that is the shows return to our screens...
Let's Watch


Criminal Minds follows the 'Behavioural Analysis Unit' of the FBI, as they fight crime and the forces of evil!
Season 10 sees Jennifer Love Hewitt join the team as Special Agent Kate Callahan. I've seen a bunch of negativity about JLH joining the crew, but from what i've seen so far I like her better than I did when the character Alex Blake was introduced in Season 8. Although 'Kate Callahan' isn't as cold, and may get annoying after a while. We'll see.
Criminal Minds differs from other serials of its kind, by focusing more on the who and the why, than the what and the where. Due to the focus on psychological aspects of tracking down violent criminals and serial killers, Criminal Minds has more intense and action packed scenes compared to similar programs. Some of which are pretty hard hitting and distressing to watch. I can think of a few episodes just off the top of my head that I found pretty difficult to sit through, and i'm not generally squeamish or easily bothered by shows like this.
As a general rule the team solve one case an episode, occasionally the odd case gets split across two so it's pretty easy to drop in and out of different seasons without worrying about missing too much.
Although if you do fancy going from the beginning, the show also charts the teams personal challenges and relationships, both inside and outside the BAU. About half of the original cast remain, which is impressive for a show spanning 10 whole seasons. 
My favourite character is definitely Penelope Garcia, the technical analyst. She's intelligent, witty and seriously well dressed.

There are so many different variations on the crime/cop show these days, but not all are made equal. Criminal Minds is definitely up there as candidate for the best, alongside CSI: Las Vegas and Bones.

Season 10 begins on SkyLiving at 9pm on the 20th of October. Will you be tuning in?

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