Thursday, 9 October 2014

[Review] Lime Crime - Black Velvet

Hello everybun!

With Halloween brewing I thought I'd talk to you today about a very lovely black lippy from Lime Crime that could well be the perfect partner in crime for many a festive look.

I am an absolute sucker for matte products, and I was dying to try the Lime Crime Velvetine's for what felt like forever when they first came out, and they always seemed to be sold out. Then I could never chose a colour. Then they sold out again, and so the cycle went on. With the 'Gothatine' release, I loved all three colours and it was more of that cycle. But my friend managed to get hold of one from somewhere (the goddess!!!!), for my birthday! She chose Black Velvet.

The Velvetine's come in a cute red and rosey little box, that matches the cap. They have a small doe foot applicator, which I find easier to control than other similar applicators i've used.

It is a pretty thin formula so tiny bit of product goes a long and colour payoff is amazing. It didn't really seem overly drying, which is pretty important really with a matte product. It actually smells really nice, and i've seen a bunch of different opinions on what that scent is but I think I most agree with it smelling like frosting. Maybe it's meant to be red velvet cake? I'll investigate this later. :p

But for me, I think is the most impressive thing about Black Velvet and i'm assuming the rest of the range, is the feel of the formula. It's like wiping something really soft and, well velvety across your mouth.

So I put it to the test the way I have been trying my matte lipsticks recently. I wore it in the shower! 

I am very saddened to report that not all of it survived the shower and a strip wore off right in the center of the mouth. However, I tested it without wearing any primers or liners, so I imagine it'll last longer if I did, because what was left did hand around for a fair few hours afterwards.  I actually I was wearing it and one point and wondered why Remy kept poking her nose at my mouth. I thought I was just getting bunny kisses! Turns out she was just investigating why the outside of my mouth was black.

This is in the pricier end of the scale, and you're looking to pay £13-£15 for 2.6ml of product. Which really does seem like quite a lot if you consider that the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers are roughly the same size for £3.

Lime Crime x MUA Luxe size comparison.

Overall? I really like this. It may not last as well against the shower test as a cheaper product i've tried out recently (which i'll show you soon ;)) but by far the Velvetine feels the absolute best. I'd say it is definitely worth it even if I have to team it with another product can keep it in place longer. I'd definitely recommend having at least one of these in your collection of goodies. (Maybe Salem. So it can mysteriously vanish with me...)

Have you tried Lime Crime's Velvetine liquid lipstick? What did you think?

Let me know if you have any other alternatives. I need more matte liquid lipsticks in my life!

P.S How cute is the Thumper cushion I scored on Ebay for Remy?

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