Saturday, 6 December 2014

Dear Santa, Christmas Wishes. [Wishlist]

How is everyone enjoying their Sunday? Hopefully we're all having a nice lazy one. Today I thought i'd share with you all another wishlist, but this time a little less pricey and a little more likely that Santa will pop them under the tree. I have one hell of an awful habit where if I want something, I just go and buy it. So when it comes to birthdays or Christmas, sometimes my friends struggle choosing what to get me. So if any of 'em are reading... I promise I won't buy any of these things. Well maybe i'll buy the chocolate, but i'll eat it, so it's fine right? I can have some more.

The Beauty industry were on form this year with their Christmas gifts, and as easy as it would be to list them all, the Urban Decay LipStash and MAC's Objects of Affection are both gorgeous and really reasonably priced. *grabby hands* Other beauty bits on my beauty wishlist for Christmas are the Salem Velvetine, and The Library of Fragrance's Thunderstorm fragrance. I've been good this year, I think I deserve them.

I'm lusting after the Cosmic Scrapbook from Paperchase so much, but really i'd like any scrapbook to be wrapped up in a bow under the tree. It'll be somewhere nice to store all the postcards i'm hoping to pick up on my trip to Paris this week! (Oh gosh, that's this week already!?) A Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Snowflake wouldn't go amiss either. In fact, it'd go straight in my mouth! ;)

I've been resisting the lure of Disney items as i'm off to Disneyland very, very soon. But, it's actually cheaper to buy Disney items in the UK than Paris, so i'll just be buying park items. Disney Store will have to wait until I get home, if I have any funds left. I'm hoping to start a nice collection of Disney tree decorations, and Walt and Elsa are topping my buy list. Along with Dancing Groot and Little Elsa for my room.

Spoiler alert, I know i'm getting a Thomas Sabo bracelet for Christmas. Yay! I love the Fox charm, but I may break my promise of not buying anything from the list and pick this up for myself. I love home made items too, and Etsy is my favourite place to find them. I'm really into Moon things at the moment, and i'd love one of those moon necklaces.

So those are the bits and bobs on my shopping list at the mo. However the dark side of Christmas of course, is not being allowed to buy anything until the big day is over. :(

Are you in Santa's nice list this year? What have you asked the jolly fella for?

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