Saturday, 6 December 2014

Spare No Expense. [Wishlist]

So it seems Christmas is well and truly on its way, if the weather outside is anything to go by. Roll on this 8 inches of Snow the UK is supposed to be seeing I say! (Well, if it can hold off long enough to get me on my plane to Paris, that'll be nice.)

So while we're all starting to feel Christmassy, and all my friends keep asking me what I want for Christmas, I figured it might be nice to answer that with an over the top and diva-like wishlist containing items I have no chance of finding under the tree this year.

So here we have, my 'Spare No Expense' wishlist!

GHD Aura Hairdryer
I need to invest in a new hair dryer soon, and I love my GHD stylers so much, that I'd definitely be inclined to go for a GHD Hairdryer, like the Aura. It does come with a pretty hefty £145 price tag, but GHD is a brand I trust to be worth every penny.

Vivienne Westwood Orb Keyring
I love the Vivienne Westwood Orb. Maybe it's something to do with its resemblance to a certain planet I may or may not like. I loved this keyring when I found it but for £40 it was a bit of a splurge... Although now it seems to have vanished! Maybe I can sleuth it out somewhere else.

Alexander McQueen Scarf
I'd love an Alexander McQueen scarf. This 'moth' print one is so beautiful, it's definitely the one I would chose. I don't think anyone will ever give me one, so maybe I should start saving! Unless the world would like to grant me a lottery win soon. Please?

Tatty Devine Midnight Mystic Collar Necklace
I always admire the Tatty Devine jewellery, i've just not snagged something for myself yet. The Midnight Mystic Collar necklace and the collection it comes in are really interesting and different and I think i'd love anything of it, but the collar definitely is the most 'me'. But i've just found it sold out. Waaah. :(

Anastasia's Music Box
Anastasia's Music Box. I've only ever found these online with really high shipping costs, but i've always wanted one. I will have one, one day. Maybe. Please?

Ice Watch
I love my Ice Watch. It's absolutely gorgeous, and the packaging it comes in is so quirky and cool. But at a bright mint colour doesn't suit all outfits, so i'd like a more neutral one as well. This burgundy one is pretty nice, but a nice black or white wouldn't go a miss either.
79.95 john lewis

Kia Picanto
I finally got my provisional license, and i'd love a car of my own. I hopped into one of these in the showroom while helping my mum chose a new car and fell in love with it. I don't like really small cars, while this is small it's not tiny, but not big enough to be intimidating. Sitting in the driving seat of this one, it really felt like my car. None of the others quite felt right. (In fact, the Renault Captur felt absolutely terrifying... It's huge!)

What's made it onto your ultimate super pricey wishlist this year? I hope Santa brings it for you!

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