Friday, 26 December 2014

Sugar and Vice - Jewellery Subscription Box - The Abstract Box

Phew, two unboxing posts down, one to go! Drumroll please! Yup, it's time for another Sugar & Vice Box! It really feels like the last three months have zipped by, doesn't it? There's a different box this month, compared to the Witching Hour's pink box. I was actually expecting items from the Christmas collection, but this box is filled with goodies from the more recent 'Abstract' collection.

So, let's check out what is inside this one!

First up are these sweet Heart Earrings (£5), in red glitter.  I couldn't see a red glitter option on the website, only solid colours so it's a nice surprise to receive this festive red glitter. Red is one of my favourite colours, and these will go quite nicely with the next item...

The Aztec Arrow Necklace (£14), which also comes in four colour options, inspired by the seasons. I got Spring! (I think.) Which is the season I was born in. I'm not sure if that is a complete co-incidence or done on purpose, but it was pretty cool either way!

There are two different styles of the Tribal Arrow Necklace (£13), I received the 'Solar' version. This seems like the kind of thing that would look really good on my friend more than me, as she looks absolutely amazing in bright tribal/Aztec inspired outfits. It reminds me of her, so that made me smile when I slipped this out of the box.

Abstract Heart Necklace (£18) comes on a really chunky chain, which it needs as this heart is pretty big and so very colourful. I wear a lot of black so this is going to be really fun to add a bit of colour to pretty much all my outfits.

Finally, the Abstract edition 'Box Exclusive' item is...
... this fabulous creation! I love bigger pieces from the Abstract collection, like the Overlook Hotel necklace, so I was pretty happy to get something a little similar. This seems really familiar, and reminds me of something... BUT I can't quite put my finger on what.

The Abstract collection is full of really unique jewellery, with a good mix of statement and more wearable pieces, so the boxes were bound to be filled with goodies and I really like the mix I received. I like the fact that there are multiple colour options on quite a few pieces, and i've still got my eyes on the Overlook Hotel necklace I mentioned earlier! I see a cheeky order on the horizon.

Interested in getting the Sugar & Vice box? The box is priced at £35 + £4 p&p every 3 months. Sign-up for the next box is currently closed, but will re-open again soon, here. The next box is due in the spring, and I can't wait to see whats in it.

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  1. OMG those heart earrings are beautifulllll xx

    1. They're so cute aren't they!
      I love that they match the Aztec Arrow too.

      Ray xo <3