Monday, 27 July 2015

[Review] Sims 4 for Mac.

So, just where have I been? Well... I thought it was a good idea to finally buy The Sims 4. Although it was released for Mac back in February, since then i've been telling myself i'd clean up my hard drive of all the clutter before getting the game. I still haven't, but I couldn't resist the lure anymore! I am just now emerging from that state of 'must build all the houses, must make all the sims.' You know, that period of time where you just can't turn the thing off?

Whether you buy the disk or digital copy, you have to download the games through Origin. The base game is a huge file and took me a whopping 7 hours to download. Yes, it may be time to see about getting fibre optic broadband. I had an expansion and a stuff pack to install as well, but thankfully that only took an extra hour. The other day we popped into Game to buy an extra stuff pack, and found out that we apparently can't buy the disks anymore whether for Mac or Windows...

Instead the product code would be sent to an e-mail address to be redeemed through Origin. First off, I don't agree with that at all, as I don't think players should be forced to connect to the internet to download their games. I'd much prefer to be able to install it via disk still. Second, the code took a few days to eventually arrive and my friend had to contact Game customer services to resolve it. Pain in the butt, if you ask me.

Create a Sim & Build Modes;

In Create A Sim mode, the old sliders are gone and we now get to drag and pull features to shape them. I'm still a little on the fence about this, but my sims have turned out quite nicely so far if I may say so myself, so I guess it works well! The base game offers much better items to dress your sims up in. That is usually one of my pet hates with Sims games, that I don't like the clothes, or the hairs. So I end up spending hours hunting for nice custom content, which in the end would slow my game down. I currently have next to no custom content installed on my game, just a few pairs of shoes, a couple of different hair styles and some tattoos. The base game content is a little lacking in these areas, so hopefully the future expansions are gonna add some goodies when they come out.

Build mode functions pretty much the same as it always did, and now comes with the option to change things like wall and roof heights, and to be able to place ready made rooms, and move them around with the hand tool. I'm not 100% sure whether or not some of these things were in the Sims 3, my old game won't load for some reason so I couldn't check. There is also the option now to place multiple items on surfaces and walls, so if you want to clutter up a desk or counter with all sorts of bits and bobs, you can! One thing that I find is really missing, is the option to re-colour things. Most items of clothing and furniture come in multiple colour ways anyway, but not everything is just right. The Sims 3 re-colour system would come in handy.

Game Play;

Back when details about The Sims 4 first started coming out, I remember people being pretty unhappy that hot tubs and the toddler life stage would be missing. Well hot tubs made a return in the 'Perfect Patio Stuff' pack, so i'm hoping for some sort of 'family life' pack or expansion that brings back the toddler stage. The 'open world' system from The Sims 3 is sort of back. Worlds have been separated into smaller areas, and sims can wander that entire area without loading screens, and travel between worlds is now an option and some of the scenery is soooo pretty!

Sims can take pictures and selfies, which can be used as decorations. On the one hand, I do love that... But on the other, there is no control over a sims pose, and there are only a few options. If there was a wider range of poses, or at least the ability to choose the poses a sim takes before a picture.
The option to put them on display is a nice touch too, but they can only be placed on walls. But, sometimes, you just want to put a nice selfie on the dresser, what's so wrong with that!? Hopefully the option to sit them on desks or shelves will be added soon.

Get to Work;
This expansion pack gives us three playable careers, 'Detective', 'Scientist' and 'Doctor'. While it isn't a completely new concept, as 'professions' in The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion were playable, and the career paths are similar... I still think it's a good change to be able to actively play through a sim work day. I haven't played the doctor route yet, but I have had sims visit the hospital and it looks like it is gonna be pretty fun. I'd love to see them bring back the firefighter, and maybe ghost hunter careers in future expansions. Fingers crossed!

Overall, I feel Sims 4 is a really strong addition to the franchise, and even though I don't like having to download through Origin, i'm still looking forward to getting more expansion packs. The buzz about the internet has pointed out hints to Pets being a future expansion pack, but who knows what will come next! (I do kind of hope it is Pets though...) So far i've had great fun playing and making strange sims, and having a giggle at the goofy facial expressions they keep making. Like this one...

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So who out there is a fellow Simmer? Are you loving Sims 4 or have you been put off by the new pesky download system? Let me know, i'd love to hear what your crazy sim stories are.

See ya next time!

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  1. The Sims 4 is INCREDIBLY addicting. I feel you.
    Love Vicki |

  2. I'm still repping the Sims 3! I really, really want to get the Sims 4 but I just know i'd get no work done!

    Talia // Floral Anchors

  3. I also purchased Sims4 very recently and feel the same about the whole Origins / Download thingy.
    As for the game itself: I was a bit confused because some already great features of Sims 3 (adjusting clothes colours and patterns, hair highlights and things like the toddler stage) were left out. I feel like there are many fun new things, but I also miss some features from the old games.