Sunday, 1 February 2015

J A N U A R Y | F A V O U R I T E S

Well, what a way to kick off the year huh? January stomped by in a flash but it's been all round a pretty nifty month. (Although I can't wait for the good natural light to come back!) I had a bunch of new stuff to play with from Christmas that i've really loved, so on that note I guess it's time to share with you my January Favourites!

1|Chanel - Coromandel.
How adorable is this mini bottle of Chanel? I found it in my bag with the nail polish I bought in Paris and it smells absolutely amazing. Unfortunately my mum also thought so, so now we have a teeny tiny 4ml bottle to share and have to use it very, very sparingly. As far as I know, it's only sold in select boutiques although I heard whispers the Selfridges counters will also be stocking it.

2|Christian Louboutin - Escatin.
Most definitely the most intricate looking nail polish I own, Christian Louboutin's Escatin is a stand out bright orange one coat wonder. The packaging is phenomenal, and it's actually a really nice sized bottle. The really long handle takes a little getting used to, especially with my super shaky hands!

3|Library of Fragrance,
I definitely want to pick up some more of these. I've got my eye on a few more quirky ones like Paperback and Fireplace, but also some nice regular scents like Peach and Cherry Blossom. I find Rain is absolutely amazing with a spritz of Sephora Mango. Not only is it fun to find a nice mix, but the novelty factor when someone asks what perfume you're wearing, just can't be beat!

4|Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Vintage Vamp.
I've fallen a little in love with this. I probably wouldn't have picked this myself, as the deep luxurious shades are slightly intimidating to me, but it's absolutely gorgeous when worn and creates a really nice look. Even if you do it totally wrong like I keep doing. To me, it doubles as a sort of grunge palette. Get yours here!

5|Fall Out Boy - American Beauty / American Psycho.
January's soundtrack has been delivered by Fall Out Boy. New album, the UK build up to Big Hero 6, tour released, it's been a big month. Check out that adorable Baymax figure! It actually pops off the top of a souvenir cup from Odeon. You can buy the cup on its own for £1.50! Check out my review of American Beauty / American Psycho here. Watch this space! I'll be posting a review for Big Hero 6 soon! :)

6|New Glasses!
Finally I can see out of my left eye properly again! I'm pretty good at keeping Remy away from wires and cables, but my lenses? Totally different story. I chose a pair by Ghost, as I loved my old ones and a Boots branded spare. My second pair have a sort of pin-up vibe and I love them. Although the larger frames mean I need to do some serious damage control on my dark circles. Eeep!

What were you loving this month to kick-start your year?

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