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[Let's Watch] Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Who'd like to see another film review? You would? Well you're in the right place because today I bring you my thoughts on Marvel's latest offering which has been raking in the units at the box office this week. So away we go;
Let's Watch

Just gonna start of by saying that I saw this yesterday at the cinema, and tricked my friend into eating Wasabi popcorn as a prank... It backfired spectacularly when it turns out he likes wasabi popcorn... (I personally think wasabi is like biting the lit end of a firework, and it's not really my thing. Too spicy!)

As always, this is not a spoiler free zone, but I do my best to keep it to a minimum!
The Plot;
First, take your regular good guys, bad guys, let's save the world in an hour and a half and leave the set a total wreck plot. Substitute your good guys for whoever else you have laying around. A bunch of misfits could do nicely. Add in some gags and giggles, and a bit more... And some more. A splash of meaning, a whole host of nifty looking things and some tunes from the good old days.

Guardians of the Galaxy takes the superhero comic franchise to a new level. Featuring some amazing designs, really badass female characters, a pretty lead man and humour in heaps. I didn't quite know what to expect when sitting down with my ice blast, but I definitely got everything I would want in a 'superhero movie', and then some.

The Characters;
This is a pretty big cast, dotted with some familiar faces, but i'm only really going to discuss the 'Guardians', and i'm going to start off talking about the big guy in the back of the poster up there 'Drax the Destroyer'. I went into watching this more or less blind. I'd avoided spoilers, screenshots, I don't even think i'd seen a trailer, and i'll admit that when I saw the name of a WWE superstar on the opening credits, a little voice inside my head expected a small bit role that wasn't really very good.

I don't think that could have been farther from the truth of this character. Drax is an integral part of the team, I personally found him to be hilarious, and most importantly, really felt that the character acting was perfection. Woo, go Dave!

Star Lord is a persona adopted by Peter Quill. The leader of the pack so to speak and much more than he seems. On the surface he's a bit of a self absorbed playboy (and so i've seen in another review and quite fitting a term) man-child. Despite this, he has his fair share of great quips, touching moments and generally has that kinda charm that just lulls you in. Damn you Quill!

I wanted to like Gamora more than I actually did. She's a strong, ass kicking green babe with pink in her hair. Now, don't get me wrong... I like Gamora. I just wanted to like her more. I feel like we didn't get to see enough of her inner workings, but then... There was a heck of a lot going on in this film and she was at the forefront of it all. (You go girl!) I personally think there is going to be a sequel, and I hope to see more of Gamora and her character. I want more Gamora.

All in all, I think Rocket Raccoon and Groot are my favourite characters. Two experiments turned bounty hunting duo of sheer awesome. Rocket has a quick wit, and a wicked sense of humour which I absolutely loved. If I was going to be friends with any of the Guardians, it'd be Rocket. Rocket and Groot. Oh Groot. I'm not even going to say anything about this one. You must go see for yourself. (And thank me later.)

The Design;
I love the design and the contrast between the utopian and dystopian worlds, in either setting the scenery is absolutely stunning. Guardians gives all sorts of different race characters, funky spaceships, and some amazing structures on set. There is always some sort of detail to look at and appreciate, and there are several different locations to see throughout the movie. This is Xandar, this could very well be the very epitome of utopia. I think i'd like to live here myself. You know, after the events of the movie...

The Special Effects;
I was really hoping for a picture of a certain moment to really show how amazing some of the visuals are in this film, but I can't find the one i'm looking for. It was a total wow moment, but I did find the next best thing. More of the amazing scenery, this time the dystopian world. I always love the way this kind of world looks in films, but this one seemed to just have something extra. I don't want to give it away, but you have to see this world come alive on screen to really appreciate it.
The Soundtrack;
What's not to love about a fun rocket ride around the galaxy set to some familiar classics? For me, the soundtrack comprised of classics from the 60s-80's fits, because it doesn't fit. The screen is showing a visual feast of funky sci-fi and futuristic treats, and we hear songs we've probably caught our parents singing along to on a Sunday morning while they spring clean at home. It's quirky and it feels good.

To Conclude;

That is all.

Have you seen Guardians yet? Let me know what you think.

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