Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Best of 2014;

So... How's the hangover?

Overall, 2014 was a pretty alright kind of year for me. I was actually quite sad to see it go. It's a year I can honestly say I achieved a fair bit and knocked a few entries off my bucket list. So to welcome in the new year, I figured I'd do a little count down count down of some of the best things that happened last year.

6| Knocked a few things of the bucket list.
I got to do quite a few fun things this year, and my 'to-do' list now has a few more ticks against it. One of the things I got to do this year was go and explore an abandoned building on a 'ghost hunting' type evening. I kind of have a strange fascination with abandoned buildings and I was really pleased with the location.

5| Disney On Ice!
2014 was a good year for Disney. I saw Disney on Ice for the first time. The skaters and the show were fantastic. It's just a shame my tickets seemed to be in the block designated for poorly behaved children. It's a little hard to concentrate on the show when there are about five different brats screaming down your ear and one trying to steal whatever is in your bag. (Dear Parents, this isn't amusing for other people...)

4| Fall Out Boy; 
Yes, Fall Out Boy count as a highlight of my year. I went to my third live show and fingers crossed we'll be getting a new tour announcement soon to go with the album release and kick off 2015 in style. We've been teased with new songs and videos, and the announcement came out that the latest single IMMORTALS was going to be on the soundtrack for Disney's Big Hero 6. 2015 is set to be a great year to be a FOB girl.

3| Luna Cinema at Pinewood Studios.
During the summer of 2014, I went to my first film at an outdoor cinema! Presented by Luna Cinema and Benefit Cosmetics, my friend and I saw Batman at the place it was filmed! [Check out the post here!]

2| Disneyland!!!
Finally, at the grand old age of 22, I made the trip to DISNEYLAND during my trip to Paris with my buddy. We visited both parks, got to go on a bunch of the big fancy rides without waiting too long, caught the parade and Disney Dreams! I'll make a post about the parks later on this month, so keep your peepers open for that!

1| Fluffy Bunny.
I made a new best friend in 2014! My beautiful fluffy bunnykins Remy.

See? That's a pretty good year right there. Can't wait to see what I get up to in 2015.

How was your year? What are you looking forward to about 2015?

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