Saturday, 25 April 2015

[Unboxing] Pop In A Box - April

Hello everyone! I'm back with another Pop! Vinyl unboxing from Pop In A Box. PIAB is one of the best subscription services i've come across, and delivers a cute but mystery collectable Funko figure right to your door. You can choose to have between one, and six a month and they have an awesome 'Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down' section where you can let them know if there are any Pops you really don't want.

Waiting for this months Pop In A Box, felt like an aaaage, as it was a later than normal, and I kept seeing people posting their boxes on twitter and such and getting quite jealous. Where was mine? I'm hella impatient at the best of times, so I seriously have difficulty waiting for deliveries. I did get an e-mail letting me know it would be a little late, which was nice. But was this months pop worth the wait? Read on!

It's Supernatural's FBI Dean!

I loved watching Supernatural with my friend at Uni and having debates over who was better, Dean or Castiel. Dean is, ofcourse! But my friend disagreed, and is a big Castiel fan. I definitely fall into that category of women that like a man in a nice suit, so anytime the Winchesters would bust out their FBI suits would be a good day, and they always had such fun aliases. The FBI Dean pop is all dressed up in an adorable little suit, striking a badass (/really adorable) pose.

Dean was one of a few Pops I was interested in that strayed away from my intended Disney collection. I was definitely not expecting to see this one in my box, especially as i've only seen it a few places in the UK for a higher price than i've been paying for my subscription. This was not only a nice surprise, but it was definitely worth that extra wait as i'm guessing it had to be shipped in from somewhere. I can't wait to see what arrives next month!

Are you a fellow subscriber or collector? What new Pops did you get this month?

See you next time!

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